Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting my bearings

Just a few days into this adventure, and I am not exactly a ball of fire. A friend of mine who knows about these things reassures me that this is normal. After all, I have made a sudden change in my lifestyle. I'm getting up in the morning when my body and the sun tell me to, instead of NPR's Morning Edition and my sunrise lamp. I'm starting to realize that I can buy groceries in the middle of a weekday rather than nights and weekends with the crowds. My do-list reflects my timeline, my priorities. After all these years of running on adrenaline and stress hormones, I'm getting back to treating myself with some semblance of respect. No more choosing the least bad of several bad food choices for lunch. Yoga class twice a week, writers' group once a month, discussion group twice a month. Actually tackling the projects that I have been meaning to get to since... well, a very long time. This is a major shock to the system, and it will take the body and mind a little while to adjust. As the Washington DC Metro Area slowly eases into the depth of winter, it seems like a good time to be quiet and take care of myself. I have faith that I will emerge in the springtime, ready to conquer new worlds. In the meantime, I will just take care of the things that need my attention and settle into this new rhythm.

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  1. At some point you will probably be able to add that Artist's Way idea of taking your creative self out for a play day... like a funky antiques mall or an underground-tour or some such silliness. I find it really motivating to have something to look forward to!
    I have also found that looking at the same stuff day after day after day makes it really impossible to come up with new creative stuff. (I've got a logo project to work on and I'm really struggling hard!)


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