Saturday, January 14, 2012

Looking for Landmarks

I was told to expect a period of down time while my body and mind made the adjustment from the daily commute to keeping my own schedule. I just didn't realize how adrift I would be with most of the daily structure removed. I took a week and a half of vacation in late November, so I thought I had a head start on the relaxing bit. I was visiting my sister, and I had just wrapped up a very stressful couple of weeks at work, so I kept up a regular schedule of meals and sleeping, along with a schedule of activities. Not as jam-packed as my normal schedule, but an orderly flow nevertheless.

Now, my days are mostly free. Waking and sleeping hours are fairly arbitrary, although I do sleep at night and wake during the day. Meals tend to be a mid-morning breakfast, and mid-afternoon lunch, and a light snack at night. I have completed a couple of small items on my mammoth do-list, just to give myself a sense of accomplishment. I still have various appointments, the occasional lunch meeting. On those days, I have to be at a specific place, at a specific time. The structure doesn't seem to carry over into the rest of the week. That bothers me, a little. I have things to do, things to mull over, plans I made when I was setting this whole thing up. On the other hand, people who have been here before me say that the drifting doesn't last forever. Eventually, the days fall into a pattern and a sense of direction takes hold.

I remind myself that the major reason for being here, doing what I'm doing, is to break apart the old structures and make room for new ideas and opportunities. So for now, I will go with the flow (or lack of it).


  1. I'm interested to see what sort of structure you develop for yourself eventually. I have found that if I don't set myself some specific appointment on the weekend days, it's very easy to just dawdle and let the entire day get away from me. Today it was helpful to have a few goals: sometime in the morning, laundry. Sometime in the early afternoon, returns to the library. Tonight, game night, unless it looks like it's going to ice over again. In between those landmarks, finish the current homework Lab assignment. not allowed to go to game night unless they are completed and uploaded (done). It's 4:30 and I'm getting started on the next section in my text book. Would like to get the 2nd batch of Labs uploaded by the end of the weekend. Little goals seem to help; I'm still working on how big is too big, how small is over-planned and tedious. And distractions are SO easy. It's actually easier to go wash the dishes than pay attention to homework. I'm hoping that brain exercise gets fun when I start seeing fun results, sort of like how practicing the piano or organ got fun after I got to start doing the more complex pieces. Somewhere there's a nice balance between beginner frustration -- it's still too hard to accomplish the most simple things -- and advanced frustration -- I can get to a certain level of accomplishment which is ok, but hit a wall trying to get past that level.

    1. I managed to finish that mosaic project, and I weeded out one box of documents (so now I just have one folder to scan). I also cleaned out my spice rack. These are mostly little independent projects, but it feels good to have them off the list. And it removes a few more excuses for not starting the bigger projects. Let's see if things don't get a bit more organized in a few weeks.


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